As expensive as cars are, you might think they should be built to last. The appliances in your home just work for years, so why do you need to bring your car in for maintenance every few months? The truth is that cars work best when some auto parts get replaced every once in a while.


Car batteries have two main jobs. The most important is to help your car start when you turn the key. The second is to provide power to things like your locks, radio, and lights before you turn your car on. However, like any type of battery, car batteries don't last forever. Batteries are made of chemicals that degrade over time. As they wear out, they lose charging capacity as well as the ability to recharge.

When a car battery ages, it won't hold a charge if you leave your car sitting without driving it for more than a few days. Eventually, it won't even hold a charge overnight. The only solution is to replace your battery every few years based on the timeline provided by the manufacturer.


Tires are one of the most important auto parts of your car. They're what keeps you on the road and in full control of your car. Worn-out tires can reduce your fuel efficiency, reduce your braking ability, and limit your steering control. You also run the risk of an old tire going flat or blowing out while you're driving.

The reason tires have to be replaced is there's just no other way to make a car. Any type of surface rubbing up against the road for thousands of miles is going to wear out. Rubber tires are just an efficient way of connecting your car to a road. The good news is that you can extend the life of your tires with proper maintenance.


Brakes are another important safety component that needs periodic replacement. Brakes work by grabbing your wheels so they stop spinning and pulling you forward. As such, when you press on the brake, it creates a lot of heat and friction. In order to keep your wheels from getting worn out, your brakes have brake pads that absorb everything. Replacing your brake pads every few years allows the rest of your brake and wheel components to last for the life of your car.

To learn more about where to get the replacement parts you need, contact a local auto parts dealer today.