If your road trip has been interrupted by a flat tire, you may be tempted to change it yourself. You might have decided to save your roadside assistance coverage for a real emergency. But having a flat tire can put you in a real emergency situation. Because of that, you should always use your roadside assistance coverage when you get a flat tire. Roadside assistance gives you the help you need when your tire is flat. If you're not sure you need roadside assistance for your flat tire, read the list provided below. If you're experiencing any of the situations described here, call for help right away. 

You're Traveling Alone

If you get a flat tire while you're traveling alone, don't try to fix the tire on your own. Trying to change the tire by yourself will put you outside the car. Unfortunately, being outside the car when you're all alone can pose a serious risk to your safety. If you're traveling alone when you get a flat tire, take the following steps. First, pull to the side of the road and turn your car off. Second, lock the doors, and turn the hazard lights on. Third, call for roadside assistance. Finally, wait inside your car until help arrives.  

You've Got Kids With You

If you're traveling with your kids and you get a flat tire, you want to get back on the road as soon as possible. Because of that, you may decide to get out and fix the flat for yourself. But, that's the worst thing you can do in this situation. This is especially true if you're traveling with young children. Your children may decide to leave the car while you're busy with the tire. Unfortunately, that could put them in harm's way. To make sure your kids stay safe, call for roadside assistance instead. That way, you can watch your kids while your tire is being fixed. 

You're Parked on Rough Terrain

If you're parked on rough terrain, don't try to fix a flat by yourself. You might not have the equipment you need to keep your car stable during the repair. Unfortunately, that could put you at risk for serious injuries. Prevent the injuries. Call for roadside assistance. Tow trucks are equipped with tools that can stabilize your car when it's parked on rough terrain or steep inclines. 

You've Never Changed a Tire Before

If you've never changed a tire before, you need to call for roadside assistance. Trying to teach yourself how to change a tire during an emergency situation is never a good idea. First, you could injure yourself. Second, you might not put the tire on properly. Instead, call for assistance. While they're changing your tire, watch how it's done. You can even ask the driver to walk you through the process. That way, you'll be prepared the next time you get a flat tire.