When deciding where to take a Nissan vehicle for repair, there are several reasons to go to a specialized Nissan repair service center. A Nissan repair center that Nissans will be better able to accurately diagnose and quickly fix problems Nissan vehicles have than a generic repair center can. Additionally, a Nissan service center will perform high-quality work. Here are five questions you can ask to find a Nissan repair center the next time your Nissan needs repairs.

Are You an Official Nissan Dealership?

Many Nissan dealerships have service centers. Their service centers aren't just qualified to work to Nissans, but they essentially have an endorsement from the automaker. By licensing a dealership and its service center, Nissan shows that the company has faith in the licensed dealership and its divisions. If a dealership offered poor products and service, Nissan wouldn't be willing to affiliate with it.

Thus, you should feel confident going to a Nissan dealership for service. If the dealership is good enough for the Nissan corporation, it's good enough for the NIssan vehicle you drive.

Do Your Service Technicians Have Any Advanced Training on Nissans?

In addition to learning the basics of being a mechanic, service technicians also have opportunities to pursue advanced training in particular areas of car repair. They may specialize in specific types of repair, such as electrical repair or large truck repair. Additionally, they might specialize in a specific auto manufacturer's vehicles.

If a service center's technicians have technicians who are specifically trained to work on Nissans, they'll know exactly how to take care of your car. Not only will they have advanced knowledge about your Nissan and be able to make recommendations based on that knowledge.

How Often Does Your Service Center Work on Nissans?

Just because a service center is located at a Nissan dealership and has Nissan-trained technicians doesn't mean the service center only works on Nissan vehicles. Many centers work on all makes and models, which is why you should ask this particular question.

You'll want to make sure that a service center is regularly performing maintenance on and repairing Nissan vehicles. The center doesn't necessarily need to only work on Nissans, but its technicians should be servicing Nissans every day. Regularly working on Nissans will keep technician's knowledge of the vehicles sharp and it'll give them lots of experience to draw on when working on your car. They'll know the nuances of your vehicle because they've likely seen another just like it -- and recently.

Do You Use Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts?

Auto parts come in two types. There are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and aftermarket parts.

You'll want to make sure the service center you go to uses only OEM parts. OEM parts are made either by the car manufacturer (Nissan) or a company approved by the car manufacturer, and they're made to the same specifications as the vehicle' original parts. With OEM parts, you know you're getting quality parts and can be sure they're made well.

In contrast, aftermarket parts might be good or may be bad. There's no assurance when using aftermarket parts.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Even once you're confident that a service center is well-qualified to work on your Nissan and will do a good job, you'll still want to make sure they offer a warranty on all work done. Warranties serve as a guarantee that the service a center provides is done right. Should there be an issue with the work, the warranty will cover it.

Most service centers will offer a warranty on the parts and one on the labor. Ask about both, and make sure both are offered either by the Nissan repair center or parts manufacturer. For more information, visit websites like http://www.westernavenissan.com.