Every year, around 11 million vehicles are sold from current owners to new owners, bypassing used car salesmen. Many of these vehicles are listed on online advertising sites, either specifically for vehicles or for general items. If you are trying to sell your vehicle online, you need to write an advertisement that makes it stand out so it will get noticed against all of the other vehicles available. Here are five things that you should include in your advertisement when you are trying to sell a vehicle online. 

The Price 

Listing the price of your vehicle seems like the most basic aspect of posting an online advertisement, but you would be surprised how many people fail to include a price when they post an ad. You should know what you want for your car and, possibly, post it with a slightly higher price to leave room for negotiating. You should look up the average price of similar vehicles and possibly ask for a quote from a used car dealership to determine the best price for your vehicle. 

Another thing to avoid doing is listing one price in the title of the ad and then another, higher price in the body of the ad. This deceptive method, meant to get more people to look at your advertisement, lowers the amount of trust buyers have in you and fails to get your ad seen by people who are actually looking in the price range that you want to sell within. 

Plenty of Photos 

Photos can be annoying to upload. You may have to re-size them to make them small enough to upload to various sites and sometimes you can only upload one photo at a time. However, it is worth the effort because buyers want to see the vehicle that you are selling, not just hear about it. 

Photos should be clear and taken in natural lighting on a clear day. Your car should be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, before taking photos and you should take photos from several angles. Do not try to hide problems such as dents or scratches in your photos. However, try to make your car look as attractive as possible. 

As a bonus, you may want to take a video of your car. If you do, you should include a brief walk around the car, an overview of the features, and a short test drive of the vehicle. When uploading a video, it is important that you take the time to edit it so you do not waste your potential customer's time.

The Current Mileage 

The current mileage of the car allows the buyers to determine its worth. However, you may feel inclined to leave off the mileage if it is more than average. This is a bad idea because the first thing potential customers will ask you is the mileage of the vehicle, so you will have to reveal this information anyway. If the mileage is less than average for the age of your vehicle, you should note that in your ad. 

Your Use and/or Reason for Selling

Potential buyers may be suspicious of your reason for selling a car. Does it have mechanical issues they don't know about or has it been in an accident? If you include your reason for selling the vehicle, you can put their mind at ease. For example, if your family is expanding and you need a bigger vehicle or if your spouse just got a raise and you are buying a new car, include this information. 

​Any Major Deal-breakers 

You may be tempted to hide anything wrong with your vehicle. However, you will save time if you are upfront and honest in your ad. This way, you do not have to respond to potential buyers who are looking for a car that is in better condition than the one you are selling. 

If you are having a hard time selling your vehicle independently, you can always check out used-car buyers that focus on buying vehicles quickly, such as Fast Cash for Autos.