The average American is carrying around a pretty big load of debt these days, anywhere from around $7,950 in revolving credit to $100,197 in mortgage debt or more. Although you may already have a full-time job, it may not be enough to pay down what you owe. If you have a utility trailer, or can get one, here are three businesses you can work in your spare time that may help you earn extra money to get debt free.

Junk Hauler

People tend to accumulate a lot of junk they don't need but can't seem to get rid of simply because they don't have the right tools to do so. As a junk hauler, you can help people clear out their homes, garages, and storage units while also making about $50 per hour or more along the way.

In addition to being able to schedule the pickups on weekends, evenings, or whenever it's convenient for you, you can make extra money depending on the junk you're hauling away. For instance, if someone wants you to cart away a perfectly good washing machine, you could sell the appliance if you have space to store it while searching for a buyer. Excess metal, wood, and other raw materials can be sold to scrap yards and do-it-yourselfers.

The best type of utility trailer for this type of business depends on the type of junk you're hauling and what you'll do with it. If you plan to take the junk to the dumpster or recycling center, then a flat-bed or partially enclosed trailer may work fine. However, if you plan to resell the junk, then a covered trailer will protect the items from rain, snow, and other elements that may damage them.

Courier Business

A similar business you can start is as an on-call courier. Instead of hauling away junk to the local trash facility, however, you would deliver items for businesses to their customers. A small utility trailer would let you deliver a wide range of goods such as furniture, equipment, and large packages.

Although bigger businesses tend to use well-known delivery companies to get products to customers, you can still build a decent business servicing smaller companies in your area that need to get items to locals. For instance, an independent hardware store may require assistance getting materials to construction companies.

The national average pay for couriers is about $36 per hour. For this business, you'll definitely need a fully enclosed trailer to protect the goods from damage or environmental elements.

Cleaning and Landscaping

A third business you can start where a utility trailer would come in handy is a cleaning and landscaping company. Both require you to use tools such as a vacuum cleaner and lawn mower that need to be transported from site to site, and you can use the trailer to store the equipment between jobs. The utility trailer can also be used to remove trash, yard clippings, and other things you may not want to transport in your regular vehicle.

It's a good idea to combine these two businesses because, unless you live in an area that's fairly warm year round, landscaping tends to be a seasonal business. Having a cleaning company attached ensures you're able to continue making money during winter and other slow times.

Landscaper and gardeners make anywhere from $8.57 to $18.57 per hour, while housecleaners average about $15.00 per hour. A fully or partially enclosed trailer would work well with this type of business, as it will hold clippings and other debris easier and protect any equipment.

Creating a side business is an excellent way to make extra money to pay off your debt. For assistance with buying a utility trailer that can help you in your business, contact a salesperson in your area or a company like Colorado Trailers Inc.