Car hauling is generally thought of as an industry mostly controlled by the tractor and trailer trucking industry for the shipping of new cars to dealerships, but this is a misconception. Often, an individual may find themselves in need of having a personal car shipped somewhere for various reasons. If you own a vehicle that you are hesitant to drive, you may be wondering if car hauling is a viable option. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider car hauling and some tips to help get the best service.

Reason: relocating

If you find yourself making a major long distance move, it may not be practical to drive (or have someone else drive) all those taxing miles in your vehicle to relocate it to your new location. In this case, much like major moving companies, there are long distance carriers that will haul your vehicle across the country on a trailer, car carrier or tractor trailer.

The fee to have this done is generally charged by weight and distance. Often times, this fee is barely more than the fuel it would cost to actually drive the vehicle to the destination and the hotel rooms the driver may need to sleep along the way.

When you factor in a few other things, such as wear and tear on the vehicle, the time you may need to take off from work, and a possible roadside breakdown which could involve a wrecker service, mechanics fee and possible additional nights in a hotel while the repairs are being made, it makes the idea of having your vehicle shipped long distance a better idea.

Reason: used car purchase

You may find yourself the proud new owner of a used vehicle that may have been purchased under as-is conditions with hopes of the vehicle being a good fixer-upper. In this type of situation, even though the distance may not be too far, a wise decision would be to hire an individual car hauler service to relocate the vehicle to its destination from its place of purchase. Doing so eliminates the risk of breaking down on the way.

This is often done on what is known as a rollback car carrier, which is a single car hauler that is ideal for shorter distances of auto shipping. That way, you can have your mechanic give the vehicle a good check-over and make any necessary repairs for it to be deemed safe to drive.

Reason: collector vehicle

If your vehicle is a collector and you have taken a lot of time restoring it to place it in car shows, you may not want to drive it unnecessarily. Often, collectors choose to have their vehicles hauled to shows but, sometimes, they purchase or rent enclosed car haulers to transport their show vehicles themselves.

Single enclosed car haulers have enough room in them for one vehicle, as well as storage space for tools and other equipment that may be necessary to properly display a collector vehicle at a car show.

Helpful tips

Be sure to investigate and find favorable reviews and references for the company you select to ship your vehicle. Ask the companies you are considering about their history of safety records. Ask the companies about their insurance coverage and what their policies are in case a mishap occurs.

Check with your auto insurance company to see if there is any additional coverage you may want to consider prior to hiring a car hauler. Let the insurance company know your intentions to make sure you are sufficiently covered in case of an accident or if your vehicle sustains damage while in the care of the car hauling service.